8 ways to homestead in the city

We live in the city. We have about .5 acres.
I have just enough land to have a small garden, a small chicken coop and a clothesline hung up.
I grew up out in the country. my dad picked an area of land, and built a house there. there were acres upon acres to bulid, explore, and homestead. We weren’t farmers, but we grew up with chickens, pigs, a very large garden and we made maple syrup.
Homesteading is more then just gardens and animals – Its about living a simpler life.
After getting married, i wanted to take that lifestyle with me, but I had to get creative on how to make it work with our small patch of land. I honestly think that creativity and hard work is what it takes to make it happen.
I decided to write a small post on some ways you can implement homesteading in the City.


Hang Clothes

 Just hanging your clothes to dry can save energy and dryer usage. It keeps your clothes whiter, fresher and last longer.
Just grab some rope and hang it between trees, or from your garage to your house, or from pole to pole across your deck. If you have limited space outside, hang it from end to end in your basement, or get a simple Drying Rack .

Non-Toxic Cleaners.

You’ll save so much money transferring all of your household cleaners over to non-toxic cleaners. you can even Make many of them yourself. I honestly swear by Young living thieves cleaner, but if your trying to spend little to nothing, just mix 50/50 of water and vinegar together and you’ll be good to go. I also have an awesome Natural Laundry Detergent recipe, and a DIY for Wool Dryer Balls that you can use.


Have a Garden

This honestly does not have to be complicated – Just grow something. At our home we have tried to get the largest garden out of our yard as we can. W are growing in a 40x30ft space this year. If you have limited space outside, just make one small garden bed, or get some free buckets to grow plants in. Dont have the space? Line them down your driveway.
Did you know some food you can grow straight up instead of sideways? If you have limited space outside, try to grow some veggies vertically. If you live in a small apartment with zero land, Get some pots in your windows or kitchen. You’ll be surprised what you can grow indoors.



I said chickens specifically because they are probably the only “farm animal” you can get away with in the city. And that’s even dependent on your area and the laws. Backyard chickens are so easy to take care of. You get farm fresh eggs daily. We even sell a big portion of our eggs to pay for their feed. You can also get meat chickens to help cut down organic meat costs.


What could possibly be more eco-friendly than turning garbage destined for a landfill into luscious, rich soil instead? This is so easy too. Just add a bowl to your counter top to collect the food scraps and throw it in a pile of dirt. It will do the rest.



Collect Rain Water

This sounds silly but its something we are dabbling in this year. Did you know  “A typical 40-by- 40-foot roof is capable of collecting 1,000 gallons of water from only one inch of rain?” We are hoping to gather water this year to give to our chickens and water our garden. This will cut down on our water bill. Oh, and we just purchased a Berkey Water Filter so we could even drink the rain water.


Get Rid of Waste

Homesteading is a means of becoming self- sustainable and living more simply. Not better way to do that then to get rid of all those paper products in your home that you are living off of. Instead, get out those glass plates and glass cups for dinner, wipe up that mess with a Paperless Towels, start recycling.


Preserve Food

Even if you don’t have a Garden, there is no better way to plan ahead for the winter then to preserve food. Just head out to an apple orchard or blueberry field, pick away to your hearts desire and freeze it for the winter. Go to a farmers market, stock up on veggies while they are cheap and in season, then preserve those for the winter months. Not having the space for a garden is not enough excuse to not plan ahead and preserve food.


I’ll be the first to say it, homesteading in the city, at times, can be harder then homesteading in the county. You have to get creative with how to make things work. You have to make things look pretty because people will be looking at it daily when they look out their windows. There is more pressure because everyone is watching you. But friends, it is so rewarding. It is rewarding to gift your neighbors and friends a basket of labored over goods. It is rewarding to live more simply.

Id encourage you to pick something off this list that resonates with you. start there.

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